An Egyptian inventor establishes a company in the USA “Al Bedaya”


The new invention (VOXERA), by the Egyptian inventor, Amr Al Gabaly, is a device that allows international call transfer at local price from any country in the world. Al Gabaly said costs of international Mobile calls would have reached $90 billion by the end of next year. $57 billion of them belong to voice calls. According to Al Gabaly, the idea first came to his mind due to the expensive costs related to this type of calls.

Al Gabaly added that he could finish the design of a small electronic device that allows the international call transfer over mobile without the relevant charges. His teamwork cooperated with him and the device was sent to a company in China to start its manufacturing during the current month, mid-April.

Al Gabaly explained that his choice of China was related to its lower costs and better quality. He indicated that the device operation depends on Installation of a local telephone chip and then connecting the device to a power supply and a Wi-Fi device. The call can then be transferred by the device through the special application of Voxera to record the the user ID number. After that, the device will be able to send and receive voice calls easily as if you were in your own country.

Al Gabaly pointed out that the idea of this device started inside the AUC business incubator in Cairo, in addition to “Ebny” business incubator related to Etesal Association. He was granted the patent from the USA in April 2016.

Al Gabaly assured that when he started his project, he faced a lot of problems related to the lack of fund and the additional charges of importing components. Also, there were some legal obstacles concerning the device operation in Egypt. Now, some procedures are being negotiated with the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) in Egypt to solve the problems. Al Gabaly added, “I tried hard to collect fund around $5 thousand via Kick start”, after 12 days passed on displaying the device on the website, I could collect $54,000, the most of which came from the clients in Egypt reaching 150 ones till now. America came second with 72 clients and also countries like Singapore, India and Saudi Arabia purchased the device.”

Al Gabaly established a company in the USA last July. He intends to establish another branch in Egypt to introduce Voxera products in the Middle East and North Africa region. He attempts now to sell from 1000 to 1500 devices at low cost, $120 for a device increasing to $180, for the clients who support the idea through “Kick start” site. He can raise the value to reach 180 $ for the device as the company intends to have sold more than 10 thousand pieces by the end of 2017.

Al Gabaly noted, “There is a marketing plan to promote the idea to reach the largest number of clients, especially that the device is extremely new.” The device is expected to receive high selling rates after the first use of the device.



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