Growth of Investments in Tech stocks


Over the past week, Cyber security companies have witnessed a hike in the market due to increased shares demand due to the latest world hacks that have yielded immediate returns within the sector. Investments in Start-Ups are growing widely and will continue to grow over 2017 and the sector is expected to absorb the most capital over the coming decade.

While that may sound like an encouraging sign for stock investors, BAML has a warning: If the rest of the market doesn’t catch up, there could be problems. «The longer it takes the economy and yields to pick up, the greater the risk of tech mania,» BAML chief investment strategist Michael Hartnett wrote in a client note. Hartnett notes that the Nasdaq internet index, a 90-company gauge featuring the likes of Google, Amazon, and Facebook, is on pace for a 75% gain in 2017.

Tech stocks are being underpinned by the best profit expansion in the S&P 500, excluding energy. The sector is projected to see earnings expansion of 19% for the full-year 2017, while the broader benchmark is expected to see ex-energy growth of just 9.2%, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Tech has been one of the leaders of the S&P 500’s profit-growth resurgence, which has the index primed for its best quarter since 2011.

LinkedIn released its annual list of the companies people want to work at in the US, and it’s absolutely dominated by tech giants. In fact, every single one of the top seven are tech, only finally broken by Time Warner at eight and Disney at nine.

LinkedIn based its list on the actions of users and looked at three main aspects: interest in a company’s job, interest in a company’s brand and employee retention. The list comprised of the following companies, from the top downwards: Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Salesforce, Uber, Tesla, Apple, Airbnb, Netflix, Dell, Workday, Twitter, Adobe and Oracle.

In light of the above it is eminent that the world›s transformation and investments geared up in the tech industry may have astonishing returns in the fields of Engineering, Medicine and Sciences. There are variable start-ups in the market most of which are currently incubated while others that lack the marketing and finance to loudly express themselves, yet within the coming years such investments imply greater rewards in terms of technologies that will ultimately call for less «tech savy» labour which may be of concern to the world’s current growing labour force and more focused factories automation.


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