East Africa interconnected by the Madaraka Express


Nairobi, After three years of construction, Kenya launched the
Madaraka Express, its high speed railway connecting the port city of
Mombasa to the capital of Nairobi. It’s around 472 Kilometers long
Built by China Road and Bridge Corporation and 90% financed by
China Eximbank and 10% by the Kenyan government. The Chinese
partner will further run and manage its operation over the coming 5
years thereafter the project’s administration will be delivered to kenya,
this $3.8 billion investment marks the largest infrastructure project
since the country’s independence in 1963. The railway will majorly
contribute to East Africa’s economy as it connects Kenya, Uganda,
Rwanda and South Sudan.
Speaking at its launch, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said: “Today
122 years later, despite again a lot of criticism, we now celebrate,
not the Lunatic Express (colonial British railway) but the Madaraka
Express, that will begin to reshape the story of Kenya for the next 100
years. I am proud to be associated with this day.”


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