Thinking of a new dinning place?


By: Amira Elhamy

Are you looking for a chilling dinning experience while enjoying a live jazz show! or you are looking to enjoy a night of Egyptian oldies songs, while eating your favorite Italian meal..Well if your answer is yes, then Piazzini is your best destination.

Piazzini is an Italian restaurant in “El tagamo3 el Kahmes”; located behind Dusit Thani LakeView Cairo. It serves, Italian, Swiss and European food.

In the morning you can enjoy having your breakfast, selected from the best Italian cuisine; you can choose to have your breakfast under the warm sunshine at the big garden of Piazzini or in doors; we recommend the garden especially at night.

You can choose from a variety of croissant and Danish; or pamper yourself with special Omellette spagnole, Omelette Al Formaggio, Salmone Egg Benedict, Crepe Alla Nutella; or Colazione Piazzini,  which is made of Yogurt ,granola , honey , your choice of either nutella or jam , butter , dried apricots , figs and a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice.

You can also grab from a variety of sandwiches menu available at Piazzini. Italian soups and salads are also available.

For your lunch, you can never miss Pasta, Risottini and Pizza  of Piazzini! Tagliatelle Rosse, Fusilli Ai Gamber, Rigatoni Al Pesto, Risotto Al Formaggio Di Capra, Risotto Ai Frutti Di Mare are the best.

As for the Pizza, Funghi and Frutti Di Mare are simply very delicious.

The special, thing about Piazzini is that it adds a special flavor not only, to its dishes, but also to its atmosphere. Almost every week it organises, a live Jazz night show, it entertains the guests while eating their dinner at the garden.

The Famous Jazz singer, Michele Rounds and her tripartite band, light up the night with the best of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and other famous jazz singers; usually jazz nights are held on Tuesdays.

The Italian restaurant gives its guests  also the chance to witness the golden era of Egyptian music and enjoy authentic Swiss-Italian dinner, while listening to Egyptian oldies songs.


Piazzini is simply a must try experience!


  1. Hello Amira,
    I am an artist live in US. I would like to use the picture of Hoda (The Nubian female) which was attached to your article: Ta-Seti, the unforgotten land of Egyptian.
    Please let me know if you have question regarding using the picture in one of my art projects.

    • Hello Mr. Galal,

      We have no problem using our pictures for the article, but we would appreciate if you referred to our website as the owners of these pictures.


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