EIPICO is the leading Company in developing the pharmaceuticals industry in Egypt

Dr.A.Borhan El-Din ismail, Chairman and Executive director of EIPICO

Dr. Ahmed Burhan Eldin Ismail The Chairman and Managing Director of Egyptian International Pharmaceutical Industries Company (EIPICO)  stated that developing quality of pharmaceutical industries in Egypt is the core on which EIPICO was established as it was the first company to apply Good Manufacturing Practice System (GMP).

EIPICO is keen on following up the latest developments and requirements of global pharmaceuticals industry since the company launched its second plant in May 2013  at 10th of Ramadan City at a  cost estimated at 600 million pounds through self-finance, and adding new sections in 2016 .

– 211.9 Million Pounds Investments for Plant (1)

EIPICO injected investments of 211.9 million pounds into plant No.1 to install and operate two lines for filling and packaging ampules and vials with an annual capacity estimated at 30 million packs, as well as, tablets’ coater with a capacity of 75 million tablets annually per one shift.

The company also installed an automatic line for filling antibiotics with a capacity estimated at 30 million vials in addition to six granule coaters for capsules with capacity of 130 million capsules.

EIPICO also  added two drops filling automatic lines with  capacity estimated at 6 million packs annually per one line in addition to ampules filling machine with a capacity estimated at 30 million ampoules per year.

The Chairman added that the company added also two lines for packaging and Data Matrix printing with a capacity estimated at 60 million packs annually per line in addition to two machines for examining ampules with a capacity estimated at 40 million ampules per year.

Dr. Ahmed Burhan El Din pointed out that EIPICO is the first company in Egypt to apply the Data Matrix system which is used to track and verify the labeling and packaging process .

– 172 Million Pounds Investments for plant no. (2)

The upgrading process at plant No (2) included installing and operating lines in the ampules and vial section with a capacity of 15 million ampules and vials, two automatic lines for filling and packaging effervescence substances with a total capacity of 5.6 million packs per year, in addition to ampules automatic packaging line of capacity estimated at 20 million packs annually.

The Chairman added that EIPICO’s success in the field of exports to 70 states all over the world proves its quality and success in the field of manufacturing, marketing and exporting pharmaceuticals.

Maintaining Livestock & developing veterinarian medicines

EIPICO ‘s role in enhancing national economy, EIPICO conducted a comprehensive study on the situation of livestock in Egypt  as well as its strategic and economic importance for the state since it is related directly to economic and food security which are the core of the Egyptian national security.

According to the study, Egypt imports of veterinarian medicines, vaccines, sera, and feed additives with millions of dollars to maintain livestock. So, EIPICO decided to use its considerable expertise in manufacturing pharmaceuticals with high levels of quality to manufacture veterinarian medicines.

In 2014, EIPICO started registering veterinarian medicines at the Ministry of Health and succeeded in registering 40 products, Ismail noted, adding that the company aims at registering more than 100 veterinarian medicines within the upcoming few years.

EIPICO also attained the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture to manufacture many feeding additives and veterinarian medicines. The company plans to manufacture its first veterinarian product during the first half of 2017 in addition to producing veterinarian medicines within the last quarter of 2017 with expected sales estimated at 10 million pounds during the first year of releasing the product. The Chairman  clarified that as  EIPICO eyes registering more veterinarian products as it targets covering 15 percent of the market requirements. In addition, the company aims at making use of its global well-earned reputation for exporting pharmaceuticals to export its veterinarian products abroad as well.

Exporting to more than 70 States

Dr. Ahmed Burhan El Din Ismail asserted that EIPICO’s strategic and permanent commitment is to manufacture and  provide high-quality medicines instead of imported medicines, with affordable prices,  in addition to boosting volume of pharmaceutical exports which was achieved over the past 30 years, noting that these investments will achieve such goals.

The performance indicators for 2016 stated that EIPICO’s production volume reached 1.837 million pounds (315.4 million packs of 320 different products) while sales volume recorded 1937.1  million pounds, representing around eight percent of the Egyptian pharmaceuticals market.

Furthermore, the indicators showed that EIPICO’s exports in 2016 hit 381.9 million pounds, representing 23 percent of Egypt’s total pharmaceuticals exports as it exports to more than 70 states all over the world. EIPICO has more than 5,180 labour working in all specializations. Moreover, the Chairman said that these indications are clear proof of EIPICO’s national role in serving Egypt’s national economy and Egyptian citizens.


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