Hungary PM: Egypt is the gateway to a huge regional market in the Arab world and African continent


President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi headed last Sunday on a 3 day official visit to Budapest, Hungary. The visit was to participate in the Visegrad Group Summit that was held on Monday. Egypt is the first Middle East, Arab and African country to participate in the summit.

The official reception ceremony was held for his highness, national peace anthems were played and the honour guard was reviewed in the main square of the Hungarian Parliament’s headquarter. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi met during his visit to Budapest، Hungary’s President János Áder،

Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Parliament Speaker Laszlo Kover, among other notable figures. Egypt’s presidency Spokesman said that the President reviewed during the talks developments in the situation in Egypt, pointing out the plan adopted by the Egyptian government for economic reform and the national projects being implemented with the investment opportunities, stressing the importance of developing cooperation between the two countries in the economic field and benefiting from the Hungarian experience in the fields of infrastructure and railways, as well as an increase in Hungarian trade and investment in Egypt.

President El-Sisi participated in the Hungarian-Egyptian Business Forum, and also held a joint press conference with the Hungarian Prime Minister. During his speeches President El-Sisi affirmed that Egypt’s leadership is not the only party fighting terrorism, but Egypt’s people altogether are involved in the battle and are backing their leadership in the struggle. El-Sisi affirmed that Egypt once more is calling upon those countries that deal with terrorists and do back them to halt providing them with the support. Presidency spokesman, Ambassador Alaa Youssef, confirmed on Monday that the Egyptian and Hungarian sides agreed on the importance of preserving the unity of the countries and their territorial integrity in order to contribute to the aspirations of the people of those countries to enjoy a secure and stable life.

The statements came during President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s talks with Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Urban. Egypt’s president proceeded to affirm that Egypt’s people are enduring the tough economic measures that are required to pull Egypt out of its current economic crises, nevertheless, Egypt does provide a decent life for all refugees residing within its borders, explaining that we need to join forces on the international level to put an end to the refugee-ship of innocent civilians.

President El-Sisi called upon the international community to put an end to the struggles in the region in particular those taking place in Syria, and Libya, explaining that we do need to reach a peaceful settlement for the Arab –Israeli conflict so as to allow for the two state solution to materialise. From his side Hungarian Prime Minister hailed President El-Sisi efforts to establish an independent national strategy, confirming that Hungary is not only interested in Egypt’s military and security stability but also it’s economic stability.

The Hungarian prime minister called upon Europe to contribute to safeguarding Egypt’s economic stability. He further proceeded to emphasise that his country respects Egypt’s efforts to combat terrorism, adding that Hungary‘s interests do lie in Egypt’s economic stability. Minister Viktor Orban further stressed that his country values Egypt’s efforts to combat terrorism pointing out “you can trust us, and we are aware that Egypt’s battle against terrorism is in Europe’s interest and is definitely essential for Europe’s stability. Egypt is defending Hungary, and the whole of Europe, and it is in our interest that Egypt succeed.

Talks undertaken by the Egyptian and Hungarian sides covered cooperation in the field of transportation, especially in relation to supporting and developing Egyptian railways. Presidency Spokesman Alaa Youssef said in a statement that Egypt seeks to benefit from the large industrial base of the four Visegrad Group countries, as well as attract new investments and tourists from Central Europe. Peter Kveck, the Hungarian ambassador in Cairo, in statements to MENA last Saturday made it clear that El-Sisi’s visit to Budapest aimed at enhancing bilateral cooperation at all levels. Economy-wise, cooperation between Cairo and Budapest is progressing just fine, the diplomat said, adding that both countries are also probing chances to work together in the fields of agriculture, water treatment, railways and tourism. Kveck was pleased with what he called correct steps taken by Egypt to achieve economic reform.

Egypt is the first Middle East State and the third non-member State to be invited to participate in a Visegrad Group summit – after Japan and Germany. It is worth noting that President Sisi’s visit to Hungary is the second to a previous one that was made in 2015. Hungarian Prime Minister Orban visited Cairo last year where both sides discussed matters of joint interest, and promoting cooperation especially in the economic and investment fields.


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