Inauguration of Mohamed Naguib Military Base: Reportedly the largest in the Middle East


In an unprecedented ceremony, President Abdul Fattah El-Sisi launched Mohammed Naguib military base in El Hammam city west of Alexandria last Saturday.

According to Al Arabiya website, President El-Sisi declared that the Arab participation in the inauguration ceremony of Mohammed Naguib military base is a very strong proof of Arab unity. During the ceremony the Egyptian president welcomed Arab guests who participated in the ceremony.

The attendees included Arab princes and ambassadors headed by Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Bahrain, Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Prince Khalid Al Faisal, Emir of Mecca and Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, Kuwaiti Minister of Defence and Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar the Libyan National Army commander attended the ceremony of opening the base which is named after late president Mohamed Naguib.

Furthermore, President El-Sisi, graduated new batches of the Armed Forces propped up by modern science and high-level training to be in charge of defending the nation. He gave a speech to new graduates, as well. The President also paid tribute to Egypt’s martyrs of the Armed Forces and police who sacrificed their souls for their country. He told the families of the martyrs that they sacrificed their sons to protect Egypt and confront terrorism and extremism, cautioning that terrorists are trying to affect the morale of the Egyptians.

According to Egyptian Streets website, Mohamed Naguib Military base is reportedly the largest in the Middle East. It is located west of Alexandria in Al-Hamam area; it was built on a military city that was first constructed in 1993.

According to the Egyptian Armed Forces spokesperson, the military base consists of more than 1,100 new or recently renovated buildings. The spokesperson added that the new base would be used for joint military exercises with other countries.

Egyptian streets website mentioned that in addition to military exercises, the base includes a research centre and a sports village. Furthermore, a wide range of facilities to support those residing in the base, such as swimming pools, gyms, hospitals, lecture halls, and more have also been constructed. Renewable energy sources were also constructed, such as solar power sources. The base will also have a 379 feddans of fruit trees and 1,600 feddans of seasonal plants and vegetables.

According to Ahram online, The military base will also serve as a headquarters to some forces of the Northern Military Unit, which is expected to increase its efficiency in protecting west of Alexandria, the North Coast, the currently under construction Al-Dabaa nuclear power plant, oil fields, the new Alamein City, among other sites. The base will also be used in military exercises with the armies of other countries.

It is to be noted that the military base was named after late Egyptian president Mohammed Naguib, the primary leader of the Egyptian revolution in 1952 , in honour of his patriotic efforts. The base will have a museum commemorating Naguib; along with a mosque with a capacity for 2,000 individuals.


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