UAE launches website to help navigate tax system


UAE’s Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has launched its website, providing businesses and consumers with a wealth of information on the upcoming introduction of excise tax and VAT.

The FTA website includes information about the Authority, as well as the introduction of the different types of indirect taxes in the country, the legislations regulating them, and the objectives and benefits to the UAE economy, reported Wam, the Emirates official news agency.  For businesses, the website provides advice and guides to help them determine if they are eligible to register, as well as guidance on the registration process.

Businesses can also use the website to learn from the tax guides posted, in addition to the opportunity to register and attend VAT and excise tax live sessions conducted by the FTA around the UAE, as well as webinars and offline training sessions. A comprehensive FAQ section provides answers to the most common queries businesses and consumers alike may have about the introduction of taxes.

From mid-September, businesses will be able to register with the tax authority through the website, ahead of the implementation of excise tax in October 2017 and VAT in January 2018. “Launching the Federal Tax Authority’s website is a significant and impactful step forward towards implementing an efficient and transparent tax system in the UAE,” said Khalid Al Bustani, director-general of the FTA.

The FTA also developed and dedicated a full-fledged careers’ portal on the website that simplifies the process of applying for a promising career path and future at the FTA for ambitious job seekers, and facilitates the recruitment process for the entity, Al Bustani added.  “This requires that all stakeholders step up and demonstrate their readiness to effectively and efficiently adopt the new systems and procedures.

The website will help them in this journey, providing them with the information they need and, very soon, with the ability to register their organisations with the Federal Tax Authority before the excise tax and VAT laws go into effect in October 2017 and January 2018 respectively,” he concluded.


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