US underground bunkers Sales hike to withstand nuclear war


Doomsday preppers are making a fortune off fears that the world is coming to an end. Rising S Company sells underground doomsday bunkers at every price point. The Texas-based manufacturer claims to have seen business soar between 500% and 700% in the months since the election of President Trump, with millions in sales generated
this year.

The bunkers are made from steel and set 11 feet underground, which makes them useful in natural disasters, nuclear attacks, and other doomsday scenarios, according to the company. “Anybody can put containers in the ground and sell them to people. What Rising S sells is safety,” Gary Lynch, general manager of Rising S Company told Business Insider Rising S Company declined to share more specific revenue numbers, but said it made between$9 million and $14 million in sales in 2016 — a wide range. Lynch expects the company to sell 200 shelters this year.


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