Saudi Arabia to allow international companies to install solar cells for power subscribers


The Kingdom will begin receiving applications to install solar cells, with the Saudi Electricity and Co-Generation Regulatory Authority allowing international companies to register for the project’s auction.

The initiative for using the new technology falls into “The Kingdom’s Vision 2030” that supports the use of solar energy in the Kingdom, relying less on oil, and giving consumers the opportunity to generate power and export the surplus energy to the national

Installing solar cells is available to both local and international companies, provided that they obtain a qualification certificate from the Saudi Electricity Co. (SEC). The solar energy project will start being implemented by the middle of next year, allowing consumers to export the redundant energy to the national grid at a price to be set by the network each year, or to be deducted from their electricity bills. A team of experts is developing the regulations and necessary technical designs to launch the project.

The submission of initial online applications will start to limit the number of subscribers, and to be able to study the demand, the potential produced energy, and its impact on the national grid. subscribers can submit a final application to install and connect the small-scale photovoltaic solar energy systems to the national grid on July 1, 2018.


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