Meet the Next Generation Fashion designers at Cairo winter fashion show


A group of stars including actors and actresses participated in the Cairo winter fashion show in its fourth wave.

The event included presentations of the latest local and international fashion styles of wedding, and evening dresses, which were accepted by the audience. The jury included fashion designer Bahij Hussain, Laila Moghrabi, Professor of Fashion Design at the Higher Institute of Cinema, Tariq Sinou, Lebanese fashion designer, beauty expert Dr. Shaima Abdel Hamid, and Dr. Rami Mansour, nutritionist and body sculptor.

The exhibition was attended by 15 fashion designers, graduates and students of fashion design institutes in Egypt. Samar Yassin, the event organiser, said that “the contestants were chosen to contain the contest on several steps that are not that easy”, “The competition was driven from the Victorian era, which considered one of the hardest trends ever” she added

The number of participants in the competition reached 15 girls, and it was noticed that a large proportion of them were veiled. Bahij Hussain said that the shape of the girls did not affect the designs and there is no longer a link between hijab and thought, especially in the new generations.


Bahij pointed out that Egypt is full of archaeological sites that can be exploited in fashion shows. Routine and bureaucracy are the biggest obstacles in face of fashion shows. Stressing that he has no objection if the state asked him to make a formal presentation within national celebrations.


For her part, Dr. Laila Maghraby, a fashion design professor at the Higher Institute of Cinema, said that novice designers need to learn innovation, and will start immediately after the competition, explaining that she will participate in the education of contestants.


Lebanese designer Tariq Snow, a member of the judging panel, said he hoped designers would come out every day to make the world of fashion rich with designs, as well as winning the designs of the Victorian era, indicating that they are different because they are difficult designs.


During the cairo winter fashion show, Tariq Snow presented a collection of 10 pink-certified pink dresses for breast cancer patients. “October is the month of breast cancer awareness, and this is the least that is offered to patients with this disease” he said.

The audience included the actress Reham Abdul Ghafour, who was dressed in a short black dress, and added some accessories that were in line with fashion trends, in addition to her short hear style. And the actress “Angie Almokadem” who appeared wearing a short dress combining the two colors, the upper part of the golden color and the other black, she succeed in selecting that dress on that show. While the young artist “Salma Abu Dheif” wore a blue short dress .Dina Abdul Aziz joined the list of artists who wore black in a special appearance with a short dress, kirly, dark yellow, and some simple accessories blaming the dress design.


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