The Drums of War bang in Riyadh


No one will win if the world goes into a new war. With the banging drums of war in Riyadh calling for an action against Hezb Allah involvement in supporting Ansar Allah in Yemen, the world remains a spectator to the scene. Yet, the Saudi Arabian Government is actually moving towards elevating confrontation through a primary step of denouncing the Lebanese Government formed by Hariri in December, 2016, a coalition government that unites the Lebanese including Hezb Allah, with actions in line least of which is economic sanctions and/or a violent confrontation that may flame the Region and its interconnected world into a catastrophe. An open confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Iran (The 2 countries hold 20% of the World Oil supply), will primarily lead to crucial transportation risks and potential sabotage, that will sky rocket insurance and eventually push the price of Oil to a new high record, such a development will not only affect the non-oil producing countries but will lead the world into a new recession similar to that in 1973.

An open command for violent confrontation, offers nothing but using of the latest arms technologies, such flames devastating the region people and infrastructure will serve no one. Winners may be arms dealers and producers on the short run, while losers will be the World as we know it today. We call upon the Arab Ministers of foreign affairs convening next Sunday to avert the situation towards building solid grounds for an agreement. Grounds that eliminate the use of force as an option and support building peace talks in the region as a priority, followed by a true integrated assessment of challenges needed to be tackled regionally to deliver solutions. No one can fight forever, at the end of any war, people will ultimately sit down and deliver solutions.

Before passing away in November 2015, Mr. Ahmed Fouda (Founder of The Middle East Observer) published the below article in his Flash column warning of a Middle East flame that will engulf the region.

Lebanon and Greed “A Sunni – Shiite open conflict could be destructive for the whole of the Arab region”  “Lebanon is close to the red line and is about to enter the creative chaos zone”

The sudden announcements of Lavrov , the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs that refer to Lebanon’s destruction similar to what took place and is taking place in Iraq, Libya, and Syria is nothing but speculations of an official who has years of experience , especially when he asserts to the Russian NTV channel that  a number of “ super” states now target destructing another regime and the collapse of other states.

Lavrov said that the problem of large scale terrorism in the Middle East is linked to destruction of states, such as Iraq, Libya, Syria, and maybe soon Lebanon.  In a declaration by John Kerry, American Minister of Foreign Affairs, he warned from the possibility of a Sunni – Shiite open conflict that could be destructive for the whole of the Arab region.

Thus, it obviously seems that there are opposing trends manifested in some super powers that aim to obstruct establishment of a new world order. Opposing  trends that aim to impede the setting up of a multi-polar world.  As long as these forces target warding off the establishment of a new world order, then no solutions for all pending problems and issues are to materialize.  Accordingly, if Lebanon is close to the red line and is about to enter the creative chaos zone in accordance with Ministers of Foreign Affairs of America and Russia, then this means that the Middle East flames will engulf more and more countries.


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