It seems that the world is on the verge of WWIII, one that seems to be approaching the Middle East, its winds blowing from USA; which seems to have miscalculated the strength of Asian countries, mistaking them for Russia; that is going through one of its down phases?.

What is taking place in the Middle East could be the extension of a fire igniting somewhere else?

It is evident that Saudi Arabia is targeted by parties that seek to sabotage the Middle East, and drag it into chaos; parties that are totally unaware of the damage awaiting the region in case of further escalation?

I dare that heading these parties is Iran.

This said, I wish to express my concern about Pakistan joining in the Gulf war against terrorist groups, as this might add oil to the fire, and then the flames will spread out of its currently contained region, and is bound to engulf much more than planned, taking the war to more serious levels. Levels that threaten to take the world a step closer to WWIII, which as speculated no one knows its parameters.

We need to keep in mind that arms manufacturers are working day and night to provide the Gulf war with enough ammunition, and that the Middle East military arsenal is getting packed? Such a situation at this dangerous point I find quite scary.

Al Ahram mentioned that the current war in Yemen will determine the future status of the balance of power, relationships, and interactions in this part of the world. This part of the world; the renowned Arab world seems to be witnessing an unfolding plan, one that no one can foretell its repercussions.


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