Russian-American dispute… who is drowning in the Syrian swamp?


I can see that the political momentum in the Middle East Is moving much faster than the economic one due the military attacks in Syria, whether by Russia or the US-led coalition. I can easily see from where I stand that the American media campaign against the Russian strikes does not excuse either party from escalating matters in the region although this contradicts German Chancellor Merkel’ view that Bashar Al-Assad and the Russian presence in Syria are critical to solve the Syrian crises.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that its army mobilized more than 50 helicopters and Russian military personnel, which carried out more than 30 strikes that targeted Fatth militias and bombed areas in Edleb in northwest Syria, including Gabal Al-Zawya and Hama governorate. This piece of news is scary and might have bitter results, and what is even scarier is the Russian- American dispute to control strategic sites in Syria. This, in addition to America’s CIA support of Al-Geish Al-Horr, makes matters quite uncomfortable. News of the recent American-Russian talks that are taking place behind closed doors aiming to avoid open military conflict between their forces in Syria might keep us calm for a while.

However, what is really strange in the Russian attacks is that the Iraqi government approved Russia’s stance and allowed its military planes to pass through Iraqi air space. America of course viewed this Iraqi position as a sudden hostile act towards the US. Now, we can say that the situation in Syria is semi-secured due to the Russian and Iranian presence in Syrian territories. On the other hand, I believe that America is on the wrong, weaker side, and this is undoubtedly due to its grasping greed in Syria, Iraq and other areas in the Middle East. Nevertheless, we do find US President Barack Obama warning Russia and Iran against drowning in the Syrian swamp.


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