This happens when you cross the line


The recent bloody terrorist attacks that took place in Ankara, Turkey’s capital, with the death of 128 people triggered a great deal of panic in Turkey.

Military sources say that (IS) is the one behind the attack that targeted a gathering of Turks who were getting ready for a peace march organized by opposition activists close to an Ankara train station. Political analysts accused Kurds of being behind the attacks, while others claim that civil society associations are the ones behind the attack.

Let’s be frank, it was decided by the world supreme powers that Turkey is to be in the limelight, and that it has to become a part and parcel of the Middle East map, hence, needs to be integrated in its chaos. I believe that all that is being reiterated about these explosions, and the sources that keep pointing to this and that, are of the intention to trigger chaos in Turkey. What is being said might be true, however, it does mean that Turkey crossed the red line, as identified by the Pentagon. It means that Turkey is not following the scenario set for it in the plan that aims to divide the Middle East; a plan that includes Turkey itself.

I believe that  Ardogan’s  government and his ruling party are awaiting serious events, events that are currently lurking in the dark, the same darkness that is engulfing the whole of the Middle East Region, while its people are struggling to make a living amidst the dark.


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