Egyptian parades and chanting in voting lines abroad


From Saudi Arabia, Paris, Kuwait, USA, UAE, Russia to all parts of the remote world, Egyptians piled up to denounce fake news, terrorism and honour their pledge towards a better future in Egypt. Neither fake news, terrorism nor the bad weather in some European countries held back Egyptians living abroad from proceeding towards Egyptian embassies abroad to vote for Egypt’s president El Sisi.


Queues extended, Egyptians went that far to make a point , to say  loud and clear ” hands off , this is our choice”. Egypt is witnessing an evolution unique in its transformation, one that outsiders find hard to grasp or understand.  Egypt is undergoing a phase of metamorphosis where the country is laying the groundwork for a long term development plan.   It is setting up the bases for a shift towards being an investment hub with all that this requires from road networks, transportation, and energy needs.   The country is steering clear from a state bound in the chains of subsidy, terrorism, corruption, taboos and pessimism to an optimistic one that’s seeking a solid ground for future developments.    The youth of Egypt have for long sought such a long awaited transformation, and are looking forward towards a future that could put their potentials to use. They are live witnesses to a change that makes them eager to contribute and be part of. They realise that this is an era of work rather than words. Their dreams are more realistic and down to earth.


-United Kingdom-

Over the past years Egypt moved from a crumbling bankrupt economy to a country with a bold economic reform plan; one that’s been feared for decades by previous governments and leaders. A country that targets  a balanced market economy for the future generations. Egypt managed over the past two years to slash unemployment and inflation, as well as, increase development and growth of the economy. Egypt’s international economic indicators stand witness to the economic miracle in place, Egypt is also expanding its infrastructure, progressing on major projects and is undertaking leaps In a bid to speed the pace of it’s development plans.

All this is being undertaken parallel to fighting a fierce battle with terrorism in Sinai, well, if that’s not worth lining up behind it’s current president then what can they do to ensure continuation and sustainability of a scheme that pledges to achieve the long awaited for dream of a speedy development process!!!

Yes, Egyptians Are queuing to vote for president Sisi , and their message is as clear as their summer sun ” yes we are holding your back, let’s move forward “.


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