While Mariam’s case is an active ongoing investigation, London murders overtake New York for the first time!


Euro news reported that London’s murder rate has surpassed New York for the first time after a man in his twenties was attacked and stabbed to death after leaving a bar in the southern borough of Wandsworth on Sunday.

Attacks reveal a worrying trend. According to a report from Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper, New York’s murder rate has plunged by 87 percent since the 1980s, whereas London’s has soared by almost 40 percent in three years. The deaths do not count victims from terrorist attacks. Both cities have a population size of around eight-and-a-half million people. The news comes while Egypt still awaits justice for Mariam Moustafa’s case.

Mariam Moustafa, an Egyptian student studying engineering who was assaulted outside a shopping mall at 8 p.m. on February 20. The Nottingham Post newspaper reported that Moustafa, was punched a number of times by a group of women, She then got onto a bus outside the shopping center but was followed onto it by the women who threatened and verbally abused her before they got off by the help of a brave bus driver who held them back, the newspaper reported. Moustafa’s uncle Amr El Hariry said that she then went to the hospital, yet the hospital discharged her five hours later and told her that she’s fine despite the fact that she told them that she is feeling terrible. He added that She went back to the hospital in a terrible condition where she was in a coma for many days and went through about nine surgeries before she died from her injuries. Although the CCTV footage from the bus had been provided to the police.

Police said that there was no information to suggest the attack was motivated by racial hate. Authorities arrested a 17-year-old girl on suspicion of “assault occasioning grievous bodily harm” who has been released on bail.

In a statement, the spokeswoman said : “We share the desire to know the full facts as soon as possible. But as this is an ongoing investigation, the authorities cannot comment publicly on the details of the case, because this could prejudice court proceedings and make it more difficult to secure justice for Mariam, yet while Mariam’s case is an active ongoing investigation, London murders overtake New York for the first time!

It is to be noted that London remains one of the main destinations for Egyptians and Arabs either for education or tourism. Yet, this trend of gangsters that empower authorities and legislations is growing at a scary pace. Adham Al Kamouny, a regular shopper and visitor to the UK said that, he has experienced a case when a group of girls with ages ranging from 15-17 have attacked him in the middle of london, and no one reacted to the matter, on the basis that these kids cannot be legally charged.

Well, in this case we do forget that original discipline is british, and while the economy’s growth is the lowest in the world, and the brexit trap keeps Britain in shock, this matter needs to be handled with extreme urgency, setting grounds for a legislation that can fix this situation permanently.

The issue that Mariam Moustafa being brutally beaten by a group of women, and being discharged from the hospital and latter her death has prompted outrage in all Egyptians at how badly the case has been handled by the police and the hospital, and while people await the rule of law in this case, it seems the UK needs to abruptly work out a permanent solution to this growing trend before things get totally out of hand, for such aggression is contagious at such age.


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