Boosting trade within Africa is the gate way towards economic prosperity


Egypt hosts in December two major African events,  The Africa Conference 2018 to be held in Sharm El-Sheikh, under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, MIIC, in collaboration with the COMESA Regional Investment Agency, under the title “Bold Leadership and Collective Commitment: Enhancing African Environmental Investments” during the period from 7 to 9 December 2018, in presence of several presidents of states, heads of governments and ministers, businessmen, investors, and high-level figures from Egypt and Africa.

On the other hand, the Intra-African Trade Finance and Payments Conference to be held in Cairo, in collaboration with the African Union and will be hosted by Egypt (represented by the Ministry of Industry and Trade/ Export Development Authority). The Trade Fair take places at the Egypt International Exhibition Center from 11-17 December 2018. The Intra-African Trade Finance and Payments Conference and Workshops will address topical issues relating to trade finance, payments, trade facilitation, trade-enabling infrastructure, harmonisation of trade standards and regional value chains. There will also be an opportunity for training Exporters on how to access the African market and twinning arrangements with other African or global entities.

Africa remains the hub of natural resources utilized by the world for its raw materials and commodities, yet African countries are slowly but firmly getting on the path of integration by the common will of its leaders.

The shared vision road towards integrating trade, developing business, industrialization as well as, employment and economic prosperity within the continent calls upon us to build on these events through developing a common base of suppliers, producers and setting a transparent and coherent networks to restructure imports and exports within the continent, match making business opportunities within the continent is a strategic factor in the process of boosting integration and the gate way towards expanding trade volume within the continent and thus saving costs related to cross-continent shipping and handling charges and further boost the current gap within the continent’s industrialization dilemma as increased market expansion will lead to an increased production which will directly lead to an increased employment and positively impact the economy.


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