EIPICO Pharmaceuticals confirms its leadership in the field of exporting Egyptian medicine


EIPICO awarded the certificate of ISO 13485 : 2016 in the manufacturing of Ophthalmic Medical Devices ( Eye Drops)

EIPICO owned by state owned Acdima Company

Dr. Olfatt Ghorab (President of Acdima) has paid great attention to supporting the export activity in the affiliated companies, especially EIPICO Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Ahmed Borhan El Din Ismail, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of EIPICO, confirmed that during the past few months, EIPICO has made great achievements in pharmaceutical exports, as recently the company concluded an agreement to supply medicines to the Russian Federation for the value of about 2 million US dollars.

The agreement is the result of efforts by the government to stimulate economic relations between Egypt and Russia, and it is expected to see in the near future more agreements for the supply of medicine to Russia.

Dr. Farouk Esmat (Head of the Export Sector and Member of the Board of Directors) said that the company has also succeeded in contracting for the supply of drugs in the bidding of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries GHC with a value of more than 31 million Saudi riyals including various drugs (Antibiotics and hormones) in addition to exportingmedicine regularly to the private market in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.

EIPICO currently exports to more than 65 countries around the world, and EIPICO exports more than 25% of the total exports of Egyptian medicine sector, further more, it is the first company in Egypt to export medicine.

Dr. Borhan concluded his statement that the company has a lot of ambitious plans to increase its exports to all over the world with emphasis on securing medicine to the local market.

ISO Certificate 13485 : 2016 make the registration of Ophthalmic    products much more easier in local and foreign markets

EIPICO as a pioneer in the field of quality has

updated its quality management system


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