Minister of Supply counter traders exaggerated bread pricing at the Journalists City by moving outlets


Dr. Ali Meselhi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, agreed to allocate a moving outlet for the sale of subsidized bread at the Journalists City in Al-Tagmo Al-Khams on Saturday and Tuesday each week. Meselhi gave his instructions to immediately implement the outlet starting next Saturday, February 2, 2019, with an initial share of a thousand high-quality loaf per day, with the possibility of increasing the quantity without a limit in the event of increased demand.

This came at the request of the press writer Mohammed Al-Suhaiti, deputy editor of Al-Ahram newspaper and Federation President of the Journalists city owners, and Hammad Al-Rumhi, supervisor of the supply operations room at the Journalists Syndicate. Al-Suhiti, said that the Ministry’s decision saved the families from the greed of private bakery traders who sell bread at exaggerated prices.


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