The Export Development Bank of Egypt opens a new branch in Beni Suef


Mr. Hani Abdul-Jaber, Governor of Beni Suef and Dr. Ahmed Galal, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Export Development Bank of Egypt, have opened the bank’s new branch in Beni Suef governorate, in the presence of members of the House of Representatives along with leaders from the province and the bank’s management.The Governor expressed his wishes that the new branch may be a step towards achieving the development goals set forth by the governorate, as opening the branch will serve investment and investors in the region as well as finance youth SMEs projects, which all serves the country’s developmental vision, specially that banking institutions are a key partner in pushing forward all the desired development within any country in the world, stressing that the Bank’smanagement and the Governorate agreed, that the bank will contribute to the development of the governorate and help in providing employment opportunities for youth, which will reflect positively on the citizens, community and the public interest.Dr. Ahmed, said that the Beni Suef branch is one of a series of branches that the Bank will soon open in selected areas to serve the Bank’s strategic objective in expanding its network in vital regions and governorates around the country.It is worth noting that the Bank’s vision is to provide a wide variety of banking services and products that are unique and distinguished with a high level of quality to meet the needs and desires of all customers, both companies and individuals, and achieve their satisfaction, especially exporters.


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