El Nasr Company biography


El Nasr Company is a leading public Co. working in the field of foreign trade and related activities & services. It was first established in 1958 by the state with a capital of 25 thousand pounds. Its capital now reached 64 million pounds with an annual net profit of 11.7 million.

El Nasr is one of the companies affiliated to the Holding Co. for maritime & land transport owned by the state. It has 600 employees, with “long and great experience and good efficiency in foreign trade and marketing fields”, according to the official website of the company.

The company has 23 overseas branches in the Arab countries, Africa and Europe. These branches are located in COTE D’IVOIRE, CENTRAL AFRICA, REPUBLIC OF CONGO, NIGER, BENIN, TOGO, SENEGAL, CAMEROON, BURUNDI, NIGERIA, GHANA, ZAMBIA, KENYA, TANZANIA, ZIMBABWE, UGANDA, SYRIA, Kuwait , SUDAN, JORDAN and France.

Its activities vary from importing strategic goods, to exporting Egyptian products all over the world. It includes international transactions, internal trading, and representing local and international companies as commercial agents. Customs’ clearance, marine insurance and storage for others are among its services. El Nasr is also involved in international investments.

Export activity is the company’s main concern, aiming to boost Egyptian exports through opening new markets for the Egyptian products. It works on diversification of exported goods by adding new products to the exports’ list, especially products of the new industrial cities.

The company exports about 70 different products annually to the various African, Asian and European markets.

Participating in international exhibitions, which are held in the African countries, is one of its tools.

The main industrial products and engineering goods the company works on are: Batteries and Tires – Air conditioning – Heaters–Gas cookers and ovens- Refrigerators – Freezers- Vacuum cleaners – Televisions – Washing machines – Industrial equipments.

While the main refractoriness and Building Materials are: Cement – Gypsum- Reinforcing Iron – Ceramics– Sanitary Tools – Cement Sewers – Aluminum circle and Aluminum profiles – matches Phosphate- Urea Fertilizers.

Products of Textiles Spinning, Weaving, Ready-Made Clothes and Accessories – Raw wool – raw jute – threads – nylon – industrial and natural silk- – sisal – rubber threads .

The company exports agricultural commodities and food like: rice – sugar – juices- – preserved & canned foods– mineral water – macaroni – cigarettes – fresh fruits –  potatoes – garlic and onions – beet bulb – dairy products, in addition to human and veterinary medicines and medical accessories.

It also serves foodstuff like: Wheat – maize – sugar – tea – coffee – tobacco – cocoa beans – lentils beans – sesame – spices – vegetable oil – alive cows and camels – dairy products – frozen meat – frozen and canned fish – flavours.

Main exports of Chemicals are: Caustic soda – sodium carbonates – dry sodium sulphate– Slovenes- lead, copper, and iron oxide – beauty accessories –perfumes – and perfumes oil – fertilizers – veterinary medicines chicken feeders – colors for ceramics and plastic industry – plastic raw materials – stickers lab. Chemicals dyes and auxiliaries.

Minerals are also traded through the company branches like copper – lead – aluminum – tin – nickel – reinforcing iron – scraps- Refractoriness blocks – glass products.

 Some original products are also distributed by the company in Africa and arab countries like: – Leather products – wood products – Khan Al-Khalili products – carpets – Moquette – glass products– Offices, home and hospital appliances –perfumes and books-

artificial Hides – sports tools – office equipment – fishing tools – buttons and tailors accessories – wools – row hides – natural – rubber and Arabic gum.

 El Nasr Export & Import Company with its branches in Africa, Europe and Arab countries performs international transactions (Export and Import) between different world markets.

It offers other services:

  1. The company has long experience in customs’ clearance, marine transport and insurance.
  2. The company has wide and large stores spread in the Egyptian harbours. These stores are equipped for storing different goods.

Printing Mill:

The company has a grand printing house provided with all possibilities of modern printing. It performs all kinds of prints as notebooks, Registers, Calendars, Agendas, Bulletins, brochures and indexes – etc. for the company and others.


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