A new policy for achieving success


by Sherif Alaa

Mohamed Al-Shafee obtained a bachelor’s degree in engineering mechanics power in 1980, then he finished post graduate studies in Fluid Mechanics at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Alexandria. He began his career working for Alexandria Petrol Company in 1997. Later on, he moved to Alexandria Mineral Oils Company (Amok) till 2002. Then, Mr Al-Shafee worked for MIDOR Company through the Egyptian General Petroleum Authority so as to follow the Structuring stages of the project. After that, Mr Al-Shafee moved to EPROM and proved his efficiency till he was promoted as the Manager of MIDOR Project. In October 2015, Mr Al-Shafee became the Chairman and Deputy Manager of EPROM.

What are the productive rates of the company? How are they improved?

Recently, EPROM has achieved major advancements. Regarding the results of operation, maintenance, and project management; the company has achieved the highest productive rates in the previous five years.

In MIDOR lab, the refined crude has been increased by 8.3 per cent along with boosting Petrol commodities for the local market including butane, Gasoline, Octane, and high quality Solar, among others.

As for Ilap Project, extraordinary outcomes have been accomplished since productivity has been increased by 12.3 per cent of the plant’s design capacity due to improving operating conditions and making best use of all units and equipment as well as boosting the productivity of jet fuel as a byproduct.

Regarding Styrene’s project, all necessary maintenance programmes have been implemented and operating conditions have been improved in order to reduce Styrene, which is imported from abroad to be used in the production process.

In addition to Amok and Egypt Refinery projects, where employees have showed their technical and practical abilities in both projects that are really important for the administration of EPROM Company. Positive results have been realized according to the contracting items and work nature of both companies.

Our policy for increasing productivity levels depends on constant inspection of operating and maintenance conditions, continuous study of new developments in order to set appropriate plans that keep excellent rates of production, constant search of updates and implementation of training programmes for employees using latest updates of international training programmes that ensure efficiency of workers, in addition to application of the latest quality assurance programmes. Notably, the company was able to renew the certificates of ISO 140001: 2014, ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001: 2007, with no notes. This asserts that EPROM Company enjoys a high quality system. Currently, the Company embarks on obtaining ISO 50001 Certificate for uses and rationalisation of energy.

The company also seeks obtaining ISO 17020 Certificate for engineering inspection.

How does the company contribute to the development of Egyptian refining plants?

Our fundamental goal is development and maintenance of Egyptian Refining Plants as well as maintenance of productivity levels.

How does EPROM contribute to energy conservation activities? What are the outcomes of its application?

Currently, EPROM operates in energy conservation projects in ten companies affiliated to the Egyptian General Petroleum Authority. Work is has started already in Alexandria Oil Refining Co. and Cairo Oil Refining Co. EPROM’s goal is to save energy by 15-20 per cent.

What are the new oil projects that the company will manage?

During the next year, EPROM will manage the Egyptian Oil Refining Co. and the expansion of MIDOR Company.

What are your future plans with EPROM?

EPROM possesses huge abilities and capacities and has rare expertise in all fields related to operating and maintenance processes. We will pursue developing the company, adding more fields of work, applying international technologies and ensuring selectivity of all employees for the Company.



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