This month, cement prices remain steady and production increases


Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Dr Khaled Hanafy said that all cement companies held their prices steady for this month, except for one company, namely SPANISH EGYPTIAN CEMENT COMPANY (SPEGYCO), which increased its price by 90 pounds- to reach 620 pounds per ton.

 Suez Cement Group of Companies (Tourah Cement, Helwan cement, and Suez Cement Companies) kept their prices at EGP 850 maximum for a ton, al-Qawmiyya Cement at EGP 750 for Greater Cairo, and EGP 770 for the rest of the governorates, Assiut Cement Co. at EGP 859, Amreyah Cement Co. at EGP 831; Alexandria and Beni Suef Cement Companies at EGP 720; Lafarge cement Co. at EGP 871 for Cairo, and EGP 893 for the rest of governorates; Sinai Cement EGP 800 for all governorates, except South Sinai in which the price is EGP815 for each ton.

 Misr Beni Suef Cement set their prices at EGP 760 a ton, South Valley Cement Co. at EGP 790; MEDCOM- Aswan Cement at EGP 800 for all governorates, and EGP 850 for Cairo, Sinai White Portland Cement Co. at EGP 780, Arabian Cement Company (ARCC.CA) at EGP 897, El-Sewedy Cement at EGP 879 for Cairo, and EGP 899 for the rest of governorates, Wady El-Neel Co. at EGP 877, El-Arish Cement at EGP 650, Building Material Industries Co. (BMIC) at EGP 860, El-Nahda Cement at EGP 850, and ASEC Cement at EGP 820 for each ton.

 The minister said that cement witnessed a weekly increase in production and decrease in supply and domestic sales. The average weekly production reached 1,480,217 tons- against 1,100,581tons last month- while total supply reached 1,880,441 tons- compared to 1,885,850 tons last month.

Moreover, cement amount distributed in domestic market is estimated at 996,426 tons a week this month- against 1, 10,929 tons last month.

Dr. “Sayed Hagag”, Chairman of Central Administration for Studies and Internal Trade Development – Internal Trade Sector, pointed out that cement companies and agents may sell products for less than these prices, provided that they declare their prices to consumers at selling. He added that there will be daily monitoring campaigns on cement companies, plants and retail and wholesale traders to guarantee abiding by the set prices.


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