Fahd Derbala: Chairman and Managing Director of Al-Maadi Real Estate Group


By Mohamed Al-Drngaly

Fahd Derbala, Chairman and Managing Director of Al Maadi Real Estate Group Development and Construction said in an interview to the Middle East Newspaper that since he took over the company’s responsibility at the end of 2015, he depends a lot on the work force and the bright mentalities of the company. He also clarified that most of his efforts now is being guided to re-arranging and reforming the company.

Looking for new partners:

Eng. Derbala added that talks with new developers are being proceeded to participate in Al-Courniche and new Degla projects.

He asserted that he is still rearranging and reforming the company internally. He continued to say that the Egyptian market is a promising one and it requires multiple needs.

He reiterated that the company is seeking over the next phase to provide diversified projects that caters to all the classes including  the conventional housing and the luxurious ones as the company owns a land in Al-Shorouk that is approximately 136- feddans and it will be a unique type of housing and its implementation will begin next year.

Al-Corniche land: Derbala said that the project will contain luxurious apartments and malls as there is Al-Maadi land which will have multiple services of hospitals, clubs and commercial malls. In addition, Derbala clarified that the company has established a new affiliated company specialised in (managing facilities) providing maintenance and finishing works for customers.

“We offer development thoughts inside the company to keep pace with the modern age and we are setting-up a new city with a special image “compound”. The company is now dealing with encroachments on its lands to retain them  as Derbala illustrated that this file is a very crucial one and he is  dividing it to rightly work on it.

The company has a small area next to Shak el-Teaban, we are interacting with the governorate to settle the matter down as the governorate is developing this area now,” Derbala said. Derbala also said that the company is helping in providing all what the government requires.

Engineer Mahmoud Hegazy has the vision and thought:

Derbala illustrated that Eng. Mahmoud Hegazy, the Board Chairman of the company  has given his guidelines to work according to the requirements of the modern age and he clarified his general vision for the company for managing the facilities.

Derbala unveiled that there will be a minor council consisted of the three based on housing and construction companies: Al Maadi, Al-Nasr and New Heliopolis (Misr El-Gadida) companies. As Derbala also affirmed that the council will elect a Board Chairman for Consulting and decision making.

Furthermore, there will be a minor council for financial representatives to study how to finance the projects and the best ways to cooperate with the banks and introduce the best financial solutions for the projects.

Derbala noted that the plans of the company were not satisfying till the end of the previous year as just only 19 per cent of the results were being achieved. But, Derbala expected that there will be a leap in the current fiscal year reaching 60 per cent of the drawn plan. Derbala said that he adopted “Good quality and honesty” slogan.Derbala said that President El-Sisi has a new clear vision to move shanty houses to suitable places fit the Egyptian citizen and offer them honourable life. Derbala agrees on the President’s vision that youth are the corner stone of the society and they are Egypt’s future and that youth must be given the opportunity to show their abilities.

Derbala concluded his speech asserting that he always likes managing his businesses through people and he resorts to ideals and good examples and role models.


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