Cairo Marriott brings memories to life with its unique campaign to promote Egypt’s tourism


(Sunday 24 April)  Marked the highly anticipated launch of “Men Tani Ala Masr” (Once Again Back To Egypt) by Cairo Marriott in partnership with EGYPTAIR Airlines – a digital melting pot of heartfelt stories and memories of Egypt shared from real people around the world. And not just told any way, the stories are uncovered through social media.

Answering to the demands of today’s digital natives, the campaign gathers and tells contributors’ tales through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, using the English hashtag #Activ8Egypt and the Arabic hashtag #من_تاني_على_مصر. No matter the generation, the campaign invites everyone to participate and share their narratives through words, photos or videos for the opportunity to re-live the experience. Additionally, the campaign also provides an opportunity for those aspiring to visit Egypt to share photos of places or things they yearn to experience.

“Cairo Marriott is the perfect hospitality and entertainment property to have launched a campaign that focuses on real human stories and capitalizes on emotions. The hotel embodies a repertoire of memories of its visitors’ exciting tales. It is a chronicle of the cultural, social and political climates of Cairo and Egypt throughout the century”, comments Ghada Abd El Khalek, Director of Marketing Communications at Cairo Marriott.

Heba Issa, Director of Marketing and Sales at Cairo Marriot adds:

“Even though Egypt has faced a lot of security issues recently, the room sales figures we get from the Gulf market continue to blossom. Cairo Marriott Hotel, located in the upscale district of Zamalek, is the best location for hospitality & entertainment and the ideal hotel to launch such a campaign as the property itself embodies the memories and tales of its visitors. For more than a century, the hotel has been a chronicle of the cultural, social and political life of Cairo and Egypt.”

Developed by Nawrass for Developing Arabic content, the hotel’s campaign aims to support the revival of tourism in Egypt by encouraging fans across the Arab world to reveal their favourite memories of the country.

Nawrass is proud of its association with a long-standing landmark in the world of hospitality,  as Cairo Marriott has a firm history not only in Egypt, but across the Arab world. The campaign works on assembling the vital legacy of the hotel that is full of nostalgia, excitement, and love for Egypt and its people.

It only takes a glance at the page and its feed brimming with dozens of new wonderful stories to understand the immense love towards Egypt and its people. A man who fulfilled his dream of seeing a wild animal in real life and not in the cinema during his visit to Cairo in the early 70’s where he saw a bear in the Giza Zoo. A woman whose sea sickness was overcome by the overwhelming beauty of the sea in Taba.

Ghada Abd El Khalek, shares one of her favourite memories from the campaign:

“I was very touched with one particular story of a man from Kuwait that loves Egypt and actually studied at one of the universities here. His dream was to attend a concert by the legendary Egyptian singer, Um Kulthum, however prior to his arrival, she passed away. Years later, his son enrolled in the same university and attended a Jazz concert at the same hall that was to host the Um Kulthum concert. Remembering his father’s story, he sent him a photo of the concert captioned ‘Egypt’s story of passion continues from generation to generation’”.

Throughout the campaign Cairo Marriott & EGYPTAIR Airlines will be gifting complimentary nights and flights every month to participants and fans with the highest interaction on the Facebook page. Winners will be announced on the Facebook page, so travel junkies, keep your eyes peeled!



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