EU’s expected fall after Britain’s departure –  EU summit is to be held today towards Britain’s safe Departure


EU 27 countries are to hold a summit today to discuss a safe departure for Britain after David Cameron, Britain’s Prime Minister, has decided to resign. EU countries are determined to maintain their union. British citizens chose to leave EU, influencing its firm establishment 60 years ago.

Cameron is the first victim to the referendum; he asserted that UK’s departure of the EU means his resignation. EU is determined to maintain its 27 members’ unity; however, Germany considered it as a “sad day” for Europe.

Stock Markets of London, Paris and Frankfort have witnessed a dramatic fall, especially exchange shares. In addition, Wall Street stock market has been influenced by Britain’s departure. The referendum results show different opinions as London, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted for UK’s stay in the EU. On the other hand, Northern England and Wales voted for UK’s departure.

Cameron has announced his resignation, commenting “British citizens have made their decision and I believe that the kingdom needs a new leader for this new direction”. He added that he will remain in his post till this fall. A new prime minister will be appointed to the post through the conservative party conference in October.

UK is the first country to leave EU since it joined the EU in 1973. Consequently, sterling pound and markets have witnessed a fall and England Bank has announced its intention to provide markets with £250bn (€326bn).

Although, countries supporting UK’s stay and other international institutions warned from an economic crisis following UK’s departure, British citizens favoured independence promises over Brussels and immigration stop from other EU’s countries.

British citizens’ decision is a denial of the EU which suffers from the immigration crisis and economic slowdown. François Hollande, President of France, regarded Britain’s departure as a “dangerous test” for Europe. He said, “Europe cannot go on as it used to be, we have to work together.” Europe has to focus mainly on security, investment and financial and social balance.

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, regarded UK’s departure as “a blow for Europe and for the process of European unification. She said, “Countries doubt the unification process of Europe”. Matteo Renzi, Italy’s Prime Minister, called for “Updating the European union”. In addition, Nicolas Sarkozy, ex-President of France, has urged for a “new European union” to enhance borders control.

The French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Marc Ayrault, has pointed out that Paris and Berlin are to offer suggestions to other EU countries to make the Union much effective.

Barak Obama, US President, has expressed his confidence in Britain’s flexible departure of EU.

Enda Kenny, Ireland Prime Minister, said “There are much important matters worth discussing; we fear that UK’s departure influence other European countries negatively as national movements criticises Brussels and European institutions.”

Marine Le Pen, President of the French National Front, has called for a referendum in France. Similarly, Geert Wilders, President of the Dutch Party for Freedom, has called for a referendum as well.

Scotland reconsiders Independence

Britain is to start a negotiation process, could last for two years, with the EU concerning the departure conditions, while committing to the agreements made. However, European institutions leaders urged Britain to start with the process of negotiation as quickly as possible.

Cameron’s resignation leave the way open for speculations about his successor. It is believed that Boris Johnson, ex-Mayor of London, has expressed his wishes to take over the post. He is on the top of those who opposed UK’s stay in the EU.

Johnson was called “A fool” by a group of around 100 supporters of UK’s stay in EU. He said to a journalist that UK’s departure should happen “without any hurry”.

Nigel Farage, President of UK Independence Party, says that he has started to dream of “a free Britain”, asserting that the referendum result represents “a real victory for British people”.

UK’s departure does not threaten Britain alone, though, it threatens its unity. Nicola Sturgeon, Prime Minister of Scotland, has declared the possibility of organising a second referendum.

Spain considers leaving EU as it means its requisition of Gibraltar whereas Britain is trying to maintain this British area in South Spain. 90 per cent of Gibraltar citizens voted to stay in the EU.


Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, has expressed his hopes to stay in good terms with the EU, regarding humanitarian issues, peace and safety concerns, in addition to immigration.

Russia hopes for better relations with the UK. As for China, they respect the British voters’ decision and hope for a stable and prosperous Europe.

Justin Trudeau, Canada Prime Minister, asserted that his country will continue to have good relations with both, UK and EU countries as he described them “they are two crucial strategic partners”.



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