El-Sisi participates in G20 summit


China has announced that it is to host G20 2016 on 4-5 September in Hangzhou, in the presence of President El-Sisi. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released an official list including all the names of high-profile officials and leaders who will attend the summit, invited by President of China Xi Jinping.

In an official statement, Liu Kang, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman, said that the list of names include members of G20, guests and high officials such as the Egyptian, Argentinian, Brazilian, French, Indonesian, South Korean, Mexican, Russian, South African, Turkish and American presidents, in addition to Australian, Canadian, Indian, Italian, Japanese, American and British prime ministers as well as the German Chancellor.

Also, the list includes presidents of European Council and European Commission, Saudi crown prince and Minister of Defence, and Chad, Kazakhstan, Laos and Senegal presidents. Moreover, the following officials will also attend: Singapore, Spain and Thailand prime ministers, UN secretary- general, president of Central Bank, head of IMF, head of World Trade Organisation, head of International Labour Organisation and president of Financial Stability Board, in addition to secretary-general of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and others.

Indian Embassy: Egyptian companies investments in India worth $43m

Embassy of India stated a number of Egyptian companies that invest in India. El-Sewedy Electrometer Group has investments worth $20m in Noida; KAPCI Coatings seizes investments worth $20m in Karnataka and Modern Waterproofing Group has investments valued at $3m in Dahej.

President El-Sisi is to visit India next week as Indian President, Pranab Kumar Mukherjee, has invited him. In a statement of the Indian Embassy, Indian Ambassador Sanjay Batacharia said that India is working on new credit projects with Egypt through Export–Import Bank of India.

India has implemented other projects through grants, such as e-learning and online treatment project in Africa which is based in Alexandria University. In addition, a solar lighting project in Agween and a professional training centre for textile technology in Shubra, Cairo have been implemented. Furthermore, a new project of Information Technology is under construction in Al-Azhar University. Fifty Indian companies have investments in Egypt worth $3m; these companies provide 35 job opportunities.

Half of the Indian companies investing in Egypt are joint or subsidiaries owned by Indian investors. As for the rest of the companies, they operate through offices that represent them. It is worthy of note that among the biggest Indian companies investing in Egypt is TCI Sanmar with investments worth $1.3bn. TCI Sanmar announced its new plan of implementing a production line worth $200m.


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