VVER reactor and El-Dabaa


Global Nuclear power sector has witnessed a significant event as VVER-1200 reactor, the most up-to-date Russian nuclear reactor, has started to operate on 5 August.

During August, nuclear power station in Novovoronezh was combined with the National Energy Grid of Russia. Furthermore, the new reactor was capable of generating 240 MW.

Similarly, 3G nuclear power stations witnessed a considerable progress in its performance measures. These nuclear power stations are designed to operate safely and in accordance with all the conditions of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Also, they include a large number of safety systems that work automatically when the station closes.

VVER-1200 reactor is the most up-to-date and safe reactor; it was designed to comply with the global highest safety standards. VVER-1200 reactor will be built in El-Dabaa in Egypt.

Building such a reactor in El-Dabaa is considered as the biggest strategic project between Russia and Egypt since Aswan High Dam project. Advanced technologies used in this project will make Egypt the sole owner of a 3G nuclear power station in the region.

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