Terrorists Despair makes us stronger


By Mahmoud fouda

Tarik Bin Ziyad is one of the most admired leaders and heroes of the Arab world, the rock of Gibraltar was named after him (Jabal Tarek). Some say that he had all the ships burned so that his soldiers literally had two options. Either they fought for life against their enemy, or they could die drowning in the sea. With the same strong will, determination and unequal equipment, Egypt destroyed the impossible fortifications named the Bar Lev Line in 1973. This spirit of fighting to achieve our vision for a better education and health care for our children and a future of economic is currently called for prosperity. Egypt has witnessed the National Youth Conference, with all our thoughts towards the new vision being set on track.

Over the past years and up to date, Egypt lacked the vision towards its future with short sighted government visions who have further crippled our development and growth for over decades, leaving their offices in random chaos. Today, I feel we are writing our first page of success, through developing a transparent coordinated vision for the future. I do support developing a vision for the various sectors of Egypt, through the collected think tanks of the supreme councils, who will be thereafter held accountable for setting the plan and milestones ahead, while the ministries operate as the executing arm for these councils, who fall under their direct supervision and monitoring, developing & managing funding, measure and set standards along the path towards achieving our dream.

A Baby’s first step is the hardest, but latter on walking then running to catch up with the world will not be too hard. Egypt has already taken its harsh first step towards economic reform, and we can no longer go back. We all need to gear up towards fulfilling this dream, by being accountable in all our actions, as citizens and as government. Egypt can no longer tolerate corruption or wasted resources, and although it will take some time to reach our final destination, some of us may be lucky to see it and some of us will rest in peace having done their part in rebuilding Egypt for their children and grand-children.

The terrorist attacks are signs that our realisation and leap towards a positive action, have set them in despair. Terrorists and their funding partners do not want Egypt to prosper and they will do their best to deter us from our intent path, it is despair because they see us united towards a common goal. They do not realise that targeting soldiers, Officers and citizens will get us even stronger and more unified towards achieving our set goals.



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