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The Tale of Paris along the Nile!

By: Amira Elhamy The moment you step in this ancient neighborhood, you will realize from the first glimpse that Egypt had a considerable golden era of its history. Your eyes will be saturated from contemplating the beautiful detailed ornaments and the unique architect of the neighborhood. It is the ancient …

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Why Africa?

The Middle East Observer is starting from this edition reviewing economic and various files to shed light on all the aspects. The various topics can be handled in a way that manages to achieve the highest economic- profit return possible to help with the development of society and the whole …

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African economic growth, challenges and investments

by Angy Essam Africa has experienced high and continuous economic growth in the past decade, prompting analysts to argue that the continent has reached a turning point in its development history Africa is poised to play a more significant role in the global economy in the 21st century. The average annual …

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A trade that has roots

Over the last decade, Africa’s trade volume with traditional partners doubled in nominal value. Africa’s overall trade volume has more than doubled however which explains why the share of traditional partners decreased. Africa’s trade with traditional partners remains crucial, however, at close to 62 per cent. The European Union still …

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No Bank Accounts in Africa

by Ameera Fouad Whereas people all around the globe usually use bank accounts for money transfer, people in Africa especially in the Sub Saharan region use mobile phones to transfer money. Although it is pretty weird to hear of such especially if it is the main business money enterprise integrating there …

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Tycoons control industrial entities

by Ahmed El-Mahdi After the corruption case against the minister of agriculture and reports about the involvement of other officials, as well as and the acceptance of President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi of the resignation of the government of Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab, The Middle East Observer is shedding light on the …

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