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Let us Hope it is for the best

by Ahmed Fouda It is basic general knowledge that any currency’s exchange rate is determined based on a number of factors; which are among the main indicators for any economy’s performance such as the Gross Domestic Production, inflation rate, and unemployment rate.  Furthermore, the volume of the black economy which is …

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Lebanon and Greed

by Ahmed Fouda The sudden announcements of Lavrov , the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs that refer to Lebanon’s destruction similar to what took place and is taking place in Iraq, Libya, and Syria is nothing but speculations of an official who has years of experience  , especially when he …

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This happens when you cross the line

by Ahmed Fouda The recent bloody terrorist attacks that took place in Ankara, Turkey’s capital, with the death of 128 people triggered a great deal of panic in Turkey. Military sources say that IS is the one behind the attack that targeted a gathering of  Turks who were getting ready for …

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Bread Comes First

by Ahmed Fouda I believe that one of the first priorities of the new cabinet headed by Eng. Sherif Ismail right after the parliamentary elections is upgrading Egyptians’ standard of living, while giving priority to the neediest segments. Upon mentioning the neediest among us, bread comes to our mind right …

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Syria fodder for the superpowers

by Ahmed Fouda The current Syrian position is clear to all, and it is obvious that there are two main forces with full hegemony over its affairs. Russia is on one side, and the USA is on the other, which is visible to the public opinion, especially now after signs …

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We refuse to have a fragile generation

by Ahmed Fouda UNICEF recently released a report stating that some 13 million students in the Arab region are not attending school due to civil wars, internal conflicts and poor economic conditions. This is one of the most serious challenges facing our region. The report states that attacks waged on …

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The sun determined to shine on the land of the Pharaohs

by Ahmed Fouda It has become quite normal that ambitions of Petroleum and natural gas multinational firms drift, and now will drift even more towards the land of the pharaohs.  Around here in our precious Egypt we are used to major investments by multi-national  companies, who approach the region with …

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Choose , Move, or Lose

by Ahmed Fouda Now is high time to get right to the point, we need to get down to action, this if we seek to serve the purpose of the people of Egypt, and its interests. Now, we have a large pool of projects, and investors bidding to take part …

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Wheat Surplus and bread subsidy

by Ahmed Fouda I wish to stop at an announcement made by the Minister of  Supply , where he points out that the strategic reserves of local , and imported wheat to make subsidized bread is above the safety levels. Thus, why are we eager to conclude further agreements to purchase …

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The Ball is in Our Court

by Ahmed Fouda Now we are in the process of selecting investment projects, and we need to be extra careful in order to allocate the appropriate projects that match our development goals. We need to select projects that are of technological value and high quality as we need at this …

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Greeks our Loyal Friends in Sickness and in Health

Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras in Brussels: convinced he can get more than was originally offer

  Ahmed Fouda We have close loyal friends whom we always remember whenever  we undergo critical historical events and turning points, Greece is one of them.  I remember that when Abdel-Nasser announced nationalising the Suez Canal,  International  navigation  guides in Ismailia withdrew except for the Greeks.  The Greeks continued to …

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