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 Syrian Civil War … Economic Challenges & Hope

By  Mona Alam El Din Syria’s civil war has been described as one of the worst humanitarian crises of the 21st century, as the on-going Syrian conflict has its negative effects on everything and the damage span both human capital and infrastructure. The matter that needs longtime to be rebuilt, …

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Protectionism verses Globalization in a sluggish economy

2017 promises a struggle between the concept of globalisation that has influenced the world towards open market policies and world integration, verses shielding industries and restraining flow of goods and services, as well as people. The struggle is formulating partially in Brexit and US plans for local business development through …

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An urgent call for Arab economic integration

  By Mahmoud Fouda The US economic plan is unfolding into expected actions for renegotiating or withdrawing from NAFTA; holding the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal targeting  halting unfair imports and ending unfair trade practices.  This added to Creating jobs and increasing spending on infrastructure along with tax cuts; which will be reflected in a …

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  Being cultured is being able to analyse based on logical thinking, awareness of human natural rights of ethics, transparent communications, a clean environment and community obligations. A cultured person is subjective in his Decisions with awareness of challenges and priorities within his environment and community. He is open minded …

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How to unleash growth of SME’s through Women’s Empowerment

By Amira Elhamy Mona Alam El-din Funding and Marketing remain the challenges Empowering women to participate fully in all business sectors is essential in building stronger economies and improving the quality of living for families and communities achieving the internationally agreed United Nations millennium Development Goals. Although Inequalities still persist in some …

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Terrorism economic impact and wisdom as a solution

By Mona Alam Eldin Terrorism is a phenomenon that is widespread among nations today that Started in the beginning of the twenty first century. The Effects of terrorism include injuries, deaths and psychological trauma of  immediate victims, short and long-term impact on the economy and enhanced security, military and intelligence …

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Top 10 leadership & management tips

By Nessma Ashraf As we all know there is a complete difference between a manager and a leader. It is very often that these two terms get mixed together. The main difference between leaders and managers is that leaders have people follow them while managers have people who work for …

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Terrorism & Corruption: The major threats worldwide

According to a report of IPK International, a tourism consulting company specialized in tourism studies, 40 per cent of tourists were worried about the outbreak of terrorist attacks over the last two years, and 15 per cent of tourists decided not to travel at all. International statistics show that tourism …

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Learn about the world countries’ tuition fees!

US tuition fees are the most expensive and Norway’s are the cheapest A study conducted by Acarih, a Turkish corporate specialized in organizing educational fairs abroad, uncovered that the US has the most expensive tuition fees and Kazakhstan is on the top of countries with the cheapest tuition fees. The …

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