Monday , June 26 2017
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Persephone Miel Fellowship

The call for 2017 fellows is now open. The deadline is March 18, 2017. The fellowship, overseen by the Pulitzer Center in collaboration with Internews, is designed to help journalists from the developing world do the kind of reporting they’ve always wanted to do and enable them to bring their …

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Why is the economy important?

BY: Ahmad Abu el-Hamd The economy, as a system of resource use and distribution, is important because resources are finite. Understanding the economy is crucial to political awareness and becoming an informed citizen. Even minor fluctuations in an economy can have a knock-on effect at every level of society, and …

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A success journey

By Amira Elhamy Psychologists say success in life is a result of various elements; it is a result of hard work, persistence, risk taking, courage, intelligence, strength and sometimes luck, and in fact, sustaining success might be actually difficult than reaching it. The story, we will tackle today is a story …

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2015: A year of success

By Yasmine Fouda and Rania Imam Efforts Wrap Up It has been clear how President Abdel El-Fattah Al-Sisi realizes the significance of economic development, efforts being put are directed mostly for enriching the economy to rally among successful emerging markets. Regulations thereby executed targeted short and long term solutions where …

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The Egyptian Cinema: The industry of changing society

by Eman Rashid This week marks the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, which is celebrated worldwide annually on 27 October, wherein each country shows its inherited history. The Egyptian cinema, with its deep-rooted history, managed to play the same role and preserved the ancestors’ heritage. The beginning of Egyptian cinema was …

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Cinema industry between profit and losses

by Angy Essam Egyptian cinema, the greatest in the Middle East with an over 100-year history, is not just an entertainment tool, it is a huge industry that represents an essential ingredient of the Egyptian economy. This industry witnessed a lot of changes, eras of progress and others of recession. …

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Film industry in Alexandria

by Ameera Fouad Alexandria marks the birthplace of the film industry in Egypt as it was the site of the first film screening in 1896. The Lumiere brothers, the pioneers of the cinematographic industry, after playing their first public screening on 28th December 1895 at the Grand Cafe on Paris’s …

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New generation, new vision

  “We want to build our country, [but] we will not sell illusions to the people. With Allah’s will, by this time next year we will have finished the New Suez Canal project.” When President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt announced that the digging of the New Suez Canal was to …

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