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130 nations head to the “Belt and Road Forum”

By: Hania Elkady The belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation was held on May 14-15 in the capital city of China. According to CGTN twenty-nine heads of states participated in the “Belt and road” initiative, along with 1,500 delegates from over 130 nations. China is currently constructing the world’s …

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Getting youth into the equation

By:Yasmin Fouda After a new president assumed office in South Korea a few days ago, North Korea  challengingly carried out another ballistic missile test.  The newly elected President Moon Jae, considered the move a “reckless provocation”.  According to government officials, Japan is considering a new missile defense system to counter …

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China’s African investments in 2016 exceed US and UK

Africa remains a virgin land of resources and opportunities, as well as, a consumer market with a growing population. China is poised to take advantage and strengthen its influence on the continent. That much was clear last year Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from China to Africa grew sharply with a …

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China’s plan to become the global leader in renewable energy

The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) released a report last last week, that identifies China’s expansion into renewable energy projects “Going Global” in conjunction with its “One Belt, One Road” program. The report examines 30 corporate case studies to explore China’s rising global leadership in the low-carbonemission …

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“Al-Sisi” & 25 countries to participate in G20 summit

China has announced that it is to host G20 2016 on 4-5 September in Hangzhou, in the presence of Al-Sisi. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released an official list including all the names of high-profile officials and leaders who will attend the summit, invited by President of China Xi …

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Learn about the world countries’ tuition fees!

US tuition fees are the most expensive and Norway’s are the cheapest A study conducted by Acarih, a Turkish corporate specialized in organizing educational fairs abroad, uncovered that the US has the most expensive tuition fees and Kazakhstan is on the top of countries with the cheapest tuition fees. The …

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How did China make it?

By Amira Elhamy  Recently, the Chinese government released a significant economic report about a remarkable decline in its poverty rate; the report indicated that China was able to help 66 million citizens to overcome poverty in rural areas ; China was able to achieve this goal in three years, from …

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Furniture hikes reasons and solutions

Losses caused 15% of shops in Damietta to shut down Traders: surge in prices push us toward Turkey and China The continued increase in dollar exchange rates versus the Egyptian pound in black markets resulted into a surge in wood prices and consequently in furniture. Officials at the chambers of …

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