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Ransomware hits the world with its maliciousness

By: Ahmad Abu el-Hamd Friday dozens of countries were hit with a huge ransomware attack that locked up computers and held users’ files for ransom at a multitude of hospitals, companies and government agencies. It was believed to be the biggest attack of its kind. The malicious software behind the …

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Facebook is starting to put ads in the middle of its videos

By: Ahmad Abu el-Hamd Facebook is ready to make money from all the videos that publishers share to the network. On Monday Facebook announced that it will start putting ads in the middle of publisher’s videos, kind of like TV commercials. We knew these “mid-roll” ads were coming but now Facebook …

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First national incubator specialized in electronics

By: Ahmed Ouf Dr Ashraf Al Shihy, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr Mahmud Sakr, a head of Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, and Dr Hesham El Deeb, a head of the Electronics Research Institute (ERI) launched a new technological incubator “Tarieic” at ERI’s headquarter. Financed by …

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Tech companies to meet on legal challenge to Trump immigration order

A group of technology companies plans to meet on Tuesday to discuss filing an amicus brief in support of a lawsuit challenging U.S. President Donald Trump’s order restricting immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, said a spokesperson for a company organizing the gathering. The meeting is being called together by GitHub, …

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General Electric seals $2bn deals with KSA

General Electric Company signed a new energy, mining, and technology agreements with Saudi Arabia with a total value of $2bn. Jeffrey R. Immelt, General Electric Chairman of board and CEO, announced that the US-based conglomerate created strategic partnerships and initiatives that support the Saudi Vision 2030. Such include SAR 5.7bn …

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Apple discovered “golden treasure” on old devices

By Hossam Abdel Haq Apple revealed in its annual environmental report that it restored about a ton of gold, precisely 0.2204 pounds, through its last year recycling operations. According to the latest gold prices in markets, the restored amount of cellphones and computers restored by Apple phones is estimated at …

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Siemens awarded a 260km railway network in Egypt

Siemens has been awarded a contract by Egyptian National Railways (ENR) to modernize 260km of railway network in Egypt with advanced technology for signaling, level-crossings and communications. The upgrades, which are part of a national plan to modernize Egypt’s rail system, will increase safety levels and allow the railway’s maximum speed to …

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Technological approaches to reform education

Focus on using technology in education and its importance has been growing more and more by the day, according to an international study on information awareness and computer skills. The study shows that most teachers believe that using innovative techniques in classrooms contributes to improving necessary working skills for the …

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Will future smartphones out-smart human intelligence? 

By Rania Imam iPhones are growing more personal, including photos, messages, bank and health information, travel data, as well as, personal confidential codes. Every year we grow more and more attached to our phones. On the other hand, technology is growing smarter every day, and software developers have created extensive neural …

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25 million new jobs coming to America, thanks to technology

Fortune – Last week’s stellar jobs report notwithstanding, it’s easy to understand why so many people are anxious that they may find themselves out of work before long. Oxford researchers suggest that nearly half of the occupations in the U.S. will be computerized over the next 20 years. Gartner predicts that one in three jobs will be converted …

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