Sunday , June 25 2017
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Berlin, Paris vow to speed up eurozone integration

With the Euro hitting a record high in 6 month against the dollar, France and Germany vowed Monday to accelerate eurozone integration, with a new bilateral panel to work out ways to kickstart the reform process. “We’ve been talking about progress in eurozone integration for years, but things are not …

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North Korea confirms ‘successful’ new ballistic missile test

North Korea has confirmed it “successfully” launched another medium-range ballistic missile on Sunday. The state-run KCNA news agency said the weapon was now ready to be deployed for military action. The White House said the missile had a shorter range than those used in North Korea’s over the last three …

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Getting youth into the equation

By:Yasmin Fouda After a new president assumed office in South Korea a few days ago, North Korea  challengingly carried out another ballistic missile test.  The newly elected President Moon Jae, considered the move a “reckless provocation”.  According to government officials, Japan is considering a new missile defense system to counter …

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China’s African investments in 2016 exceed US and UK

Africa remains a virgin land of resources and opportunities, as well as, a consumer market with a growing population. China is poised to take advantage and strengthen its influence on the continent. That much was clear last year Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from China to Africa grew sharply with a …

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Macron wins French elections with 65% of the vote

Emmanuel Macron was elected as the new President of France, after winning 65.1% of the vote in the second round of the French presidential elections, while the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen got 34.9%, according to initial projections. The election’s runoff was held on Monday between the two candidates who …

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